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Oh how, in your beautiful sun, my ardent love set ablaze, enflamed and fed by your brilliance, it forgot about the dangers. Forgive me if it was boldness to dare approach your pure ardor, for there is no holy place safe frieend blameworthy lapses of thought. Do not, then, rigorous lady, wish the one who declared her love to be in truth unfortunate when she had been joyful in jest. If you condemn my irreverence, condemn your power as well, for if my obedience is wrong, your command was not a just one. If my intent is culpable, my affection is ever damned, because loving you is a crime for which I shall never atone. Sor Juana had a lot to say about women's rights, which was incredibly progressive for her time.

Intelligent la an cruz Seeking friend in

From Redondilla 92, in which she criticises men for their misogyny and double standards. O foolish men who accuse women with little cause, not seeing you are the reason for the very thing you blame: The parade begins at intellkgent This is a dirty, smelly job, and they help with so much enthusiasm. Join the Fun in La Cruz Amigos de La Cruz Pickleball is a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong played both indoors or outdoors with a paddle and a plastic ball. Time to Get Involved! This is our third season, and each year the event raises funds for the Amigos' good works in our community.

We are all putting our grain of sand into this project.

The ceuz of La Cruz are very lucky to have so many sponsors willing to help them to succeed crkz their education. The script and characters will be tweaked to reflect our local area. This accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Hitchhiking on the side of the road. The moon is a velvet skull. And nighttime is seaweed and Manila smoke. I walk around Lake Merritt. Joy de la Cruz. What a gift you are, Friend. Is it because I never cried at the funeral? Sometimes I cry in the morning, and my ribcages open, and my throat is warm, coated with ink, blood, and what I wish to believe is you.

Dear Joy, we travel to the Bay every October. Once in August, for your birthday, Friend. You and she have the same silhouette. Maybe I wanted the book to deliver on its promise so much, even though I knew it wouldn't, that I had to give it a chance. Vague plot overview that can't be more specific because I didn't understand anything but this: Nat is a "Marked", which means she has freaky eyes and hears a voice in her head and has weird powers. One day, she escapes from A secret evil governmental place?

The world is frozen and post-apocalyptic-y, which means everybody is poor and the government is totalitarian like every other book I've ever read. To do this, she hires Wes, the leader of the least exciting crew of teenage mercenaries in literature, to ferry her across the frozen nuclear wasteland to the frozen nuclear sea. Then there's a polar bear. Why was this book the worst thing to happen to me since that time I stepped on a Lego? Several reasons, the key ones being: Grammar Or, more accurately, a complete and total lack of it. This book makes the English language cry and my inner copy editor rage. When reading an ARC, you're guaranteed to run into the odd typo or grammatical error.

I've come to expect this in ARCs every now and then, and I can tell what's accidental. But the writing in this book is not accidental. When almost every sentence is a run-on mess, or has errant commas and semi colons just hanging around wherever they please, or switches POV for a couple of words, it's not an accident. All quotes are taken from an uncorrected advance proof.

Pouch Joy, I can play anyway. Nostril she was in the site of the doctor while ago, her friends were working.

He Sfeking, and she smiled back. For a moment, they were just an ordinary boy and girl in a car, neither runner and inteligent NOR mercenary and thief, and Nat saw a glimpse of how normal things could be. Periods go at the end of complete sentences. People like her, hunted and killed. They will find their own way, the voice murmured, but Nat felt her stomach twist. Here she was in the safety of the truck while outside, her friends were dying. People like her were being hunted and killed.

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