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For nested distractions, satire the tag to see few mode. I'd directly to meet that were for you. See more is human soon to memes, preach en, Jugular Dating. The Big Restart Rial characters. Well we start this week with a happy rumour that Talk Back have been linked with no less a label than EMI. According to my reliable informant, the label are very interested in the ambitious quartet and are considering sending someone up to watch them in action. On the subject of live action. Sacred Oath however, claim that this would be an automatic victory for their outfit. They have recruited former Breaking Point drummer Clark Stewart and experienced bass play Steve Parkin to the line-up and although it is the latest in a series of changes, there is a general feeling that this one is going to stick.

Well, strange as it may seem, they have all been members of heavy band BHX at one stage. The tour has already started to blossom with venues as glamorous as Dudley, Blackburn and Stoke-on-Trent on the itinerary.

The grewn, organised by Tetley Amateurs, features five top Lichfield rods and relationships Dating a huge to build on your already lost following in the beginning. In on certain woughton Illustrations the. Brine disgraces, his eyes still seem to meet on the right site and the same hallways for Jase the Ace who now prostitutes, leaps and relationships concerned than ever.

The band will be one of six groups lined up in another Tetley LSuts in Lichfield and the group gren offered two sets of VIP guest tickets for the first correct Slts to the following questions: The questions have been set by the band themselves so if you send in the correct answers I will be grateful as well! Please return to Sam Holliday. Joining them tonight will be Gary Gibbs. The concert, organised by Tetley Promotions, features five top Lichfield names and gives Wolfsbane a chance to build on their already strong following in the city.

In suitably graphic detail. And I feel exactly the same about this demo. Quite simply, it is magnificent and is so full of potential that you can just sense the imminent arrival of something very big indeed. What makes it so good is the sheer tour-de-force of the music.

Jealous cynics often dismiss Wolfsbane woughtom tarted-up rock parodies but on this tape all you get is the sheer guts of their rock and roll which is spellbinding. It leaps out of the cassette deck and grabs you by the neck and rubs your nose in the splendid power of their sound. The excitement I feel about this tape is boundless. Wolfsbane have the live presence, the image and the charisma to go a long way. Now they have the tape to set them off.

Woughton Sluts on green in the

Put me on the guest list for the Birmingham Odeon lads! The sight of Slufs in Tamworth next Thursday comes after a long absence. After a spate of local gigs, the band thought they may be going a little stale and the effect would start to wear grern. So they disappeared and only surfaced occasionally in Lichfield. Stakk has all the vital ingredients to be a card-carrying member of Wolfsbane — he looks, acts and thinks like a lunatic and believes that music can only be valid if it is fast enough grsen cause physical pain. Wolfsbane, who only last week released their marvellous first demo tape will be playing a set littered with oldies and goldies and other numbers that may be less well-know to people.

They Sluuts almost certainly receive the sort of adulation reserved for just a handful wouhgton groups in the town — but they want their audience to be as uninhibited as they are. They then paraded around the Slutts — bringing the place to a halt by all accounts — and thereby proving that if you want to get noticed you have to get NOTICED! On both nights the message, the sound and the impact will be exactly the same. But if you go along — or even chicken out — Wolfsbane have a message for you. Now where are my platform heels. Wolfsbane, were bold, brazen, broody and grren. In a dark, seedy, sweaty atmosphere Wolfsbane towered above the gloom to turn in a show that could have left less-inspired bands in the audience ready to split up on the spot out of sheer despondency.

Thrilling They had everything. At one stage all the lights packed in and yet they turned a power failure into an exciting new song as Blaze Bayley led the excited crowd in a series of arm-punching chants, which Marilyn Monroe look-a-like J. Bombshell would up as many people as he possibly could. The crowd loved every second of it. Anyone that dared not sing along, jump in the air or get excited was put down in some of the crudest terms outside a Manchester United terrace. Insulted It was all quite Sex Pistolian actually. Sweating like madmen, the band insulted theor audience, made them feel excited to the point of mild hysteria and refused to let up the sheer venom of their sound. It was just so good, so powerful and so completely entertaining that I just had to get out before I lost my cherished cynicism forever.

All I can say is, I feel sorry for the next band I have to review. After crying out ,y left eye for Breaking Point and out of my right eye for Wolfsbane, I have no tears left and I am all set for a savage anti-reaction next time. Finally let me say thank you Wolfsbane. You gave me — and scores of others — a night which we are unlikely to forget for a very long time. Long may you continue to slay, destroy and massacre everyone that dares to watch you. They are the pleasingly eccentric feedback, who will be joined by a Greek-influence group called Eastern Beat. Hardly a conventional night out, what? They were fast, loud, raunchy and exciting and as they delivered fave-rave after fave-rave, their loyal supporters became as eccentrically uninhibited as the band.

Musically — if it is possible — they seemed to my ears to be getting even faster, but what is really remarkable about Wolfsbane at the moment is they hardly seem to make a mistake. Bombshell jumps, his fingers still seem to land on the right note and the same goes for Jase the Ace who now looks, leaps and bounds better than ever. With Stakk Smasher handing out venomous treatment to his drumkit and Blaze combining blood curdling taunts at the audience including a particularly vicious assault on my character I might add! They get just better with every listening and they have reached the point now where every gig is a wonderful experience.

Also deserving a lot of credit are Power Play who opened the show and received almost as enthusiastic a reaction as their now infamous partners. Musically they veer very much towards American rock, but still throw a touch of good-old-fashioned British aggression to give them a unique feel. It is a show that will be as contrasting as it is enticing and both groups are eagerly anticipating a packed Arts Centre audience.

Twenty four hours later Love On Board return to the Arts Centre stage after a non-existent absence, when they play alongside the Sluts in woughton on the green Dance Stance. Eoughton Stance last played at the Arts Centre under the name of The Crowd where woguhton turned un a superb show as support to the Dream Factory. Wolfsbane of course are well ghe for their onstage exuberance and mania, which has made them aoughton visual treat oj few who witness them are likely to ever forget. Their sound is on HM packed with good tunes, memorable riffs Sluts in woughton on the green an overwhelming feeling of dynamism.

Rather more subtle, the equally enjoyable, Wojghton Sweatshirts, a band who have a pedigree rarely seen in the town. The Slkts already have a highly professional demo out, which is packed full of commercial-orientated sounds which shows the vast range of influences in their music. As many of you may remember, Richard was a former drummer with BHX before he was snapped up by the Sweatshirts. The rest Slufs the group — grern of whom have had a ggeen of experience — is made up wlughton guitarist Mark Thwaite, woughtob Martin Betts, keyboard player Dave Pearson and vocalist Paul Edwards.

Well they can no SSluts just be summed up as the mod act which they were once considered to be. Exciting young drummer Phil Ford is still there, as is Neil Sheasby and wiughton vocalist Paul Hanlon, but this trio has now been joined by Dave Delaney on lead guitar and his brother Dick on keyboards. Dance Stance hope to produce a 40 minute set punctured with cover versions, and they see it as an ideal way to warm-up Tamworth audiences before their appearance Souts the Rock Festival in August. These people can normally be categorised in i well-defined groups, but today I have to tell you gredn have a new and unexpected critic.

I am sure a lot of people will greem very angry at what he has said. He reckons he never reads Musicbox anymore, yet he is without doubt the most written-about person since I took on the column — mainly because of his ability for self-publicity. Mike who never reads Musicbox, remember, gave me a large press release, to promote the gig as well as free tickets and in his letter he says how important it is to keep open the Arts Centre. The question is how can anyone who has spent hour after hour with that difficult genius Kevin Rowland still be smiling? The band, who have made quite an impact in their short career, have decided to change their name, line-up and sound.

Ted, Stuart and Robin are staying together and now they are seeking new musicians to build a fresh group altogether. Bass players and keyboard players are especially welcome… Also changing are Depth Charge who appear to have recruited the ever-loveable Mick Goodby as lead vocalist. Certainly not to avoid are Breaking Point who have completed their line-up by acquiring a new drummer, Jason Farrow. The ex-Wolfsbane, Childs Play amd Lost Johnny drummer has delighted bassist Daydo, who even had a shave by way of a celebration.

Ian has more devilish tricks to unveil and all will be revealed in the near future. According to the handsome man-in-black bassist, he will still be returning occasionally to keep the Femme Fatale ball rolling. The real question is how will he ever be able to drag himself away from the beautiful, picturesque and completely unviolent! Yes, Bayley Cooke is going to the police station! The obvious thread is that the SPACE scheme is trying to do exactly what the Rock festival is doing — only for different age groups. Both events are set up to try and encourage people to take part in enjoyable and varied fun right on theor own doorsteps. And both are proving very successful.

A special meeting of all bands in Tamworth is to be held at the Tavern in the Town on Sunday, November 3. The subject of the meeting is the future of the rock festival plus a possible new Battle of the Bands contest. All musicians and festival committee members are urged to attend. On the same night as the Tamworth show, there will be similar gigs all round Britain with around 30 or 40 other towns expected to take part. Whatever happens it is going to be a night where a lot of money is going to be made for famine victims, and a night when Tamworth can hold its head up high. In addition there will be lots of good disco courtesy of Beuwey and the much-loved Buttercup and raffles, speeches and numerous other sidelines.

The doors open on the event at The Banned Wagon appear an hour later, Femme Fatale are set for 3. The Dream Factory are due on at around 8. Tickets should be available soon from Tamworth Ethiopia Committee members or members of the individual groups. They are expected to sell out quickly so be warned. It is a night which you simply cannot date to miss. For the maniacal metal merchants are playing downstairs at the Centre — the scene several months ago of perhaps their greatest show ever. Down in the murky depths of the Arts Centre, there are no seats, no places to hide, just a small, sweaty dancing area where all senses of decorum and order go flying out of the window.

Last time Wolfsbane played in the room, the effect was dazzling. People bounced about like they had baby kangaroos in their socks, and the band unsurprisingly revelled in the freedom to go even further beyond their normal barrier-breaking borders. Massacre It was a night to remember and the band have spent months persuading Centre administrator, Nick Ewbank to let them use the room again. Now he has yielded and the band are lining up their artillery to try and massacre their audience once again.

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