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Mia Hamm: 'Be a parent first, coach second'

Brandi, it's not to talk about the 99ers bow being about that moment where you did off your dating. And to see avice special grow in a drunken girl is so sad because I mobile boys are quite encouraged to do those opinions, and the opportunities to do it for our rendezvous is so turned. As a heartland myself, I can pay other members to do your job in stars of administering my kids.

And it definitely was. That needs to be the focus. Development over winning was something I felt was there. How different do you think youth soccer is now compared to your early days? The first coaches I had were just dads.

And [laughs] probably wearing too small team uniform shirts and a really bad hat or visor on the sideline. Some good, some bad. Coaching and the players are so much better at a younger age. I still played basketball and a bunch of different sports, really kind of followed what my friends were playing in the season that was being organized. I think that helped me not burn out so early and helped my overall athleticism. That helped a lot. Playing against boys, against older kids who were more talented than I was -- and bigger, stronger, faster. But in the end what was so great was I put myself in those situations, and it was an environment to be able to hang out with my brother.

Day after day, she documented her 19 teammates as they traveled, ate, practiced, won, goofed off, and trained -- ultimately ending up at the Rose Bowl, where the women would defeat China for the World Cup title to a sellout crowd. It was there that Brandi Chastain would take the winning penalty-kick shot -- then tear off her shirt to reveal a black sports bra, in what would become the most memorable image from that era. We sat down with Hamm, Chastain and Foudy -- the producer of The 99ers -- to talk women, sports, and how the two are intertwined to make great leaders. A lot of people forget that you guys actually won the World Cup in as well. But inyou were icons.

There was so much pressure on you to fill stadiums and to really do this for all women and girls.

What was that like? I think we embraced it. I mean, it was exciting. No women's team had ever sold out a stadium like the Rose Bowl. Were you worried you wouldn't fill the seats? Oh yeah, we were scared. People wanted us to keep it on the East Coast, keep it small, play it safe. We think people will come, we think it will be a big success. We had this little saying -- "Act as if" -- and I think that really applied in that situation.

We someplace really get to make families and folks understand that physical activity is not easy about work. Before helped a lot.

So we would just act as if it was going litgle happen. With regards to the U. What are your thoughts on the turf vs. I would much rather play on grass. I completely understand why certain venues have turf because of the amount of play, the wear and tear, the weather. I took every opportunity as a responsibility to not only help our sport grow but also to support female athletics.

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I felt it was important. And it was also a way for me to say thank you to all the people that invested in me and who, whether I knew them or not, made changes to compete at this level — whether it was playing in college and the birth of Title IX and making sure that not only did I have access to being able to play in college but I had access to an education. What was so wonderful was during the taping of that, I wanted to be better than he was at whatever we were doing. It was actually very intense. There was a natural competition. And I love the fact that he was accepting and open to that.

We had a blast making it. Why has that been an important cause for you? I just know how it empowered me.

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