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What sanctuary cities stand to lose if feds have their way 6. Constamta too early to say. In a series of letters womwn officials in major cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, the Justice Department reiterated its threat. The bulk of the funds went to the police and corrections departments for crime lab equipment, drug and gang task forces, crime prevention and domestic violence programs. There's no clear definition for what constitutes a sanctuary city. Support for low-income housing, meals for children in child-care homes and youth violence-prevention programs would also be affected, the lawsuit says.

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The funds supported police Amy and equipment, technological improvements in city courts, gun violence prevention efforts, and a legal clinic for victims of domestic violence. Local governments have been given until June 30 to prove compliance with federal immigration law or risk losing justice assistance grant money. The policy was actually put in place by the Obama administration. The administration had been vague about which cities or which funds it may claw back. The government would likely be limited to pulling funds that it can prove are related to the policy it is targeting, namely immigration enforcement.

Most of the federal money went to infrastructure such as housing, education, law cojstanta and transportation, says Adam Andrzejewski, the study's cojstanta. The money helps pay for bomb suits, human trafficking investigations, body cameras, community policing, terrorism prevention, and efforts to combat the sexual exploitation of children over the Internet. Some mayors and police chiefs have pressed the administration to clarify its definition, saying they already comply with federal law. Here are five US cities and what they stand to lose:

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