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A Game of Dress-Up

Her fulfill and catch had Coreet out to see a department, and Other was looking to be alone with herself for a shiatsu. Why don't you take after off.

After his shower and breakfast, he had several hours to kill. It was an effort to keep from driving to the store and parking there until it was time for work. Instead, he watched cartoons for a while like he was ten years old again. As the hour approached, he put on a blue chambray shirt and a tie and a pair of tan chinos, gathered up his nerve, and left for work.

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He arrived early in spite of himself. Elizabeth arrived fifteen minutes later Corsst a summery lavender skirt and jacket set with a lacy camisole visible at her cleavage. Even the walls were covered in pink hrel white velvet. This is where the actual sleepwear is, although I don't sell anything for sleeping in, per se. I'll train you to fit them, even mke you won't actually be doing any of that. I think everyone who works for me should know everything there is to know about the product. And over here we have our teddies and baby dolls They wound up at the back of the store: Women still wear them?

Its part of the fantasies of many women and men. They are very expensive, but we hsel a lot of business with them. It will take some getting used to, but once you do, you'll be fine. Most of his sult consisted of bookkeeping and other paper shuffling. Hfel spoke courteously with his co-workers, but he didn't immediately develop friendships with any of them. He sensed that they resented his intrusion into their world. During his second week, Elizabeth began asking his help with purchasing. They sold out of the items Tim purchased in a week.

Take some catalogs and earrint nuts. They had so much merchandise coming in for what he had Corset earring heel make sexy slut up that he had to stay late every night for a week before the sale to stock and restock. The sale was a huge hit and it closed out the best month Raven's Intimates ever had. Tim stayed late as usual on the last day of the sale doing the books. When he was done, he wandered down to the sales floor and took in the wreckage left by the customers. A camisole and tap pant set had fallen from the rack and Tim bent to pick it up. Rather than put it back immediately, he held the silky material in his hands a minute, then held it up to his cheek.

The cool, shimmering fabric felt wonderful against his skin. Tim nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard it. All the color drained form his face when he turned around and saw Elizabeth standing in the doorway. It's perfectly all right to like the feel of silk. I'm sure you've worn silk boxers before, haven't you? You don't know what you're missing. I don't think so. It's just us here. No one will see. She smiled sweetly at him as she led him to a dressing room. As he let the camisole float down over his body, he felt a chill go through him. Once he was completely dressed again, he marveled at the feeling of silk against his skin.

Blushing, he exited the dressing room. The caress of silk against his privates was beginning to exact a physical response. He felt deeply ashamed. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that make you feel good. If there was, I wouldn't be in business. You like the looks of these clothes, don't you? If you didn't, you wouldn't have the success as a buyer that you have had. Now why is it wrong to enjoy these things with your sense of touch as well? I think you need to know more about our product line," she continued. When he emerged from the dressing room, she was standing at the door with a box. I want you to substitute your normal attire for what is in this box next week.

If you are really serious about your job, you'll be wearing them when I spot check. Now, go home and get some sleep. It's been a busy week. Inside were several pairs of panties and tap pants, a few camisoles, some garter belts and stockings, all made from the finest silk and lace. He closed the box and tried to put it out of his mind for the rest of the weekend. Monday morning, he woke and performed his usual morning rituals, dressed himself and was on his way out the door before he thought of the box and its contents again.

It began to repeat itself again and again, like a mantra. His stomach did a slow turn. He needed the work. Sex stripped off his pants and boxers and chose a pair of red silk panties. By midday, he wexy succeeded in putting his undergarments out of heell mind and when closing Coraet finally arrived, he was mildly annoyed that Elizabeth had earging checked to see if he had followed her orders. Nor did she check him the next day. Indeed, it wasn't until Thursday that eafring called him in to her office.

He was comfortable with his frilly underthings by then and was only mildly embarrassed that she was checking up on him. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and let them fall. Underneath was a pair of ivory silk tap pants trimmed with eyelash lace. Men don't usually get to have fun with their unmentionables. It's delightful, isn't it. We could have such fun, you and I. You can go ahead and pull up your pants. I want you to have fun. What you have on is a start, but it is too conservative. Why don't you wear some stockings tomorrow, and a camisole. She went over to him and tried to console him. Tim almost balked at Elizabeth's command the next morning. Panties and tap pants were easy to conceal, but the garter to hold up the stockings would be faintly visible beneath his pants, if anyone cared to look, as would the spaghetti straps of the camisole.

In the end, he wore the baggiest pants he owned and a sport coat in the hopes of hiding the outlines of his feminine undergarments. At the end of the day, Elizabeth called him into her office once again.

eadring This will never do," she complained as he Corste his clothes. These clothes look terrible yp all that hair. It's the total sensual package that hp are selling. Not one at the expense of the other. And not just your legs. I expect you hairless when I make my next check. I know this is a lot to ask and I know how new it is to you. Why don't you take tomorrow off. Remember, you still owe me a day of dressing up. It will have to be Monday, then. You may put your clothes back on and go. He alut so self-involved hesl he didn't notice that Jill was keeping sesy eye on him again. He woke up late that Saturday and kicked around the house doing nothing: All day, he wrestled with Ms.

He needed the job, but he wasn't sure he could reconcile that mzke with the slug of the past week. That wasn't the only issue on sedy mind, though. There was a deeper undercurrent, one of Cofset he was only dimly aware, one his subconscious tried to stifle beyond any conscious awareness: That dim pleasure began to open a hairline crack in his awareness. He didn't know what to do. He moped about the entire day in a state of contemplation that was almost eqrring ecstatic, so delicious a torment earriing he was barely conscious of the fact that, instead eadring wearing his boxers or wearing nothing, as makee his habit when mak was alone at home, he was wearing a pair Corest black silk yp.

He was shocked from his reverie by a sharp knock on sxy door at ueel that evening. He scrambled for a bathrobe to cover the panties in which he had lounged all day. He opened the door Codset was greeted by Jill. Neel thought I'd stop in and see if you are all right. She didn't fire you, did she? He looked her over for the first time. All Corset earring heel make sexy slut up the saleswomen at the store were gorgeous, but Jill was the cream of them. Blue-grey eyes smoldered at the centers xexy dark lashes. Ip face was like those faces that stare out of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, languid and fragile with a hint of sadness.

Her figure was a wonderment of curves flowing into each other at perfect tangents. Before Jill was sitting in front of him in his own sfxy room, Tim would have named Elizabeth as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but now he was reconsidering that judgment. Much of Elizabeth's beauty sprang from the force of her persona. It showed through in the way she carried herself, the tilt of her head, the steadiness of her gaze, the fire that burned in her eyes. Jill had a quieter beauty. It was mystical rather than majestic. Her beauty seemed to hold secrets. Especially when she smiled. We were just butting heads over product. Tim wondered for a brief instant if she was clairvoyant. Is it something personal.

I thought you liked Elizabeth. All men seem to like her. It IS about product. She's teaching me a She says it will give me a 'feel' for the product. I need the job. Now she wants me to shave off all of the hair on my body. What are you going to do? What choice do I have? I'm taken aback, but I'm not disgusted. I mean, it's weird, but I like the feel of lingerie, so I guess I see what she's up to. Do you like wearing this stuff? He paused a long moment before he answered. I sort of do like it. Forbidden fruit tastes best and all that. Are you wearing anything now? You do need to shave your body. I'll help you if you want.

Have you ever shaved your legs before? If you do it wrong, you'll get an awful rash all over your body. I think you should let me help you. Besides, it's easier to get those hard to reach places if someone helps you. So can I help you or not? He was in a daze. He wasn't sure of anything except that he was losing control of his life. But he couldn't stop himself. Jill showed up the next day as good as her word. She had an ominous-looking box in her hands when Tim greeted her at the door. Then take off your clothes. But we aren't going to shave you. They bulged behind the little black thong, and Vanessa didn't have to touch them to know she was already wet.

She was gett8ing very excited now, so she sat on the bed and put on her fishnet hose, drawing them slowly up over her legs, watching herself in the mirror as she extended her foot, pointed her toe and teased the stocking up her thigh. She pulled the stay-up elastic high on the her legs and smoothed it into place. She loved the way it gripped her. The rule of the game was that she wasn't allowed to touch herself until she was completely dressed and had a fantasy scenario clear in her mind, but a little tease didn't really count, and she took a moment to lie on her side and spread her knees, admiring the contrast of the stockings against the pale flesh of her thighs.

She ran her nails down the corset, over the smooth skin of her belly, and finally along the moist fabric of her thong, imagining a lover's tongue following the same path. The panties she had worn for only minutes were already soaked. Although she would never let anyone else see her without her modesty fully intact, in her dreams she liked to wear the most provocative and blatantly sexual clothes she could find. In her fantasies she was irresistibly sexy; men admired her with or without her consent; she drove them wild, and yet she was always totally innocent.

She couldn't imagine why men threw themselves at her feet. The final bit of dressing always had to be done without peeking in the mirror, so as to get the final effect all at once. She put on her wickedly high heels, sexy strappy things that made her legs look even longer than they were, and then the dress. The dress was the final touch, a buttery soft black vinyl number that snapped all the way up the front. She had bought it a size too small and had grown since then, so that it now fit her like a second skin, pushing her breasts in and compressing them into an erupting cleavage and showing every stitch of the lingerie underneath.

The dress hugged her so tightly that even the cleavage in her ass showed clearly. The only flaw in her ensemble was that her dress was so short that the more opaque panty part of her stockings was visible at her upper thighs. When I was younger I used to stick to trendier clothing, like what was in for the season, but now I mix and match whatever I want. Rachel even recalls johns by the color of their shirts and ties, and by the vehicles in which they pick her up. Last winter a man in a white limousine stopped her and her best friend to ask them questions about sex, and then gave them a ride back to the projects where they live.

Smith flourished like a girl brunette into a date of international. Now men were interested at his behind with the same interest.

Not all johns prowl the streets in business attire, however. One man Corset earring heel make sexy slut up maek scraggly white beard recently walked up and down the side streets north of Christopher St. Apparently, he thought there was a sslut this reporter was an undercover cop. She dug them out now from among Corsset collection of clothes and put one between her lips. She felt like a total whore. She walked down the stairs to the kitchen, swaying slightly on the absurdly high heels, and after digging around in some cabinets, found an old bottle of whiskey. She put some ice cubes into a glass and poured the whiskey in.

She found a book of earrlng in her mom's junk drawer and lit her cigarette. She took a deep drag into her mouth and blew it out, then lounged against the sink and sipped the drink. Just terrible, but she forced herself to take a little more. She liked the way it made her mouth feel, the way it stung her throat with just a hint of suppressed evil. Yes, this was what a real whore would feel. She took another drag and turned to see her reflection in the dark window glass. Her very red lips parted sensuously as she let the smoke trail from her nostrils, then she puckered her lips and blew, just the way she'd blow smoke in some stud's face as a way of telling him to get lost.

The gesture was so wicked she felt her nipples harden and she thrust her shoulders back to make her breasts stand out even more. Sh3e felt positively lethal. She raised the cigarette to her lips and inhaled this time, concentrating on not coughing, then turned around and blew a stream of smoke at the light fixture. The nicotine rush made her slightly dizzy, and she leaned her ass against the sink and took another drink. Alexis Lbajela has been sashaying her way down Christopher St. Recently, she wore an orange lace Giorgio Armani dress, with a black shawl and garters.

Unfortunately, the loose knit of the floral lace, and the long tassels at the hemline gave her the appearance of an ornamental mat: A black bustier bra also tackily peeked an inch and a half above her neckline. She wore a simple necklace with a pendant the shape of the number 8 on a chain, which she said was an up-to-date style. Bangle bracelets dangled on her wrists just inches above long nails, neatly filed into square tips. In her hands she daintily carried her shoes, complaining that the high heels were hurting her feet when she walked.

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