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I am a soldier in the US Army and a born again Christian. Many times the army sends us away from home for long periods and we are separated from our families. I masferbation read your responses to others concerning masturbation but my dilemma is this. I have done this but I do not use porn and I am thinking of my wife when I do it. My wife and I have a very healthy sexual relationship and when together we enjoy each other just as the Bible allows!!! Do you stand firm on your direction for those of us who are married and do this??

I have prayed and have not felt the same conviction as I have on other issues I have taken to the Lord. Thanks for writing and your encouragement. You bring up a very important issue, masturbation within marriage.

Since you have read my other responses let me remind you of something I said within one of those responses. I fully recognize that the long separations are difficult. I would spend nights lying awake worrying about the effect porn was having on my life. One day, just after my 20th birthday, I decided to stop. The idea is part of an ancient belief system called 'Kundalini'.

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I was too embarrassed to ask my mum about it, but I decided to find out more. So I was disappointed when I only managed a month. I decided to set myself more realistic goals after that. I first heard about it in a Ted Talk about the impact of internet porn on the brain. It compared the effects of watching porn to taking hard drugs, and also linked excessive porn use to a rise in the number of young men suffering erectile dysfunction.

Discovering this whole online subculture of people like me was a relief. The NoFap movement was born in when Reddit user Emakl Rhodes started a thread about the benefits of not masturbating, which went viral. The thread now has overmembers, or 'fapstronaunts', as they call themselves. Alexander also created a website where people share their experiences of living a porn-free life. Lots of people believe NoFap has cured them of porn-induced erectile dysfunction. For me, NoFapping makes me feel confident, clear-headed, and motivated.

It helps me relax and talk to girls because I know I have my libido under control. The first week is always the hardest - everything reminds you of sex.

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