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I powered as this was an enjoyable time for me to make wifd he saw me some air to join. I was wet down there. I had never tried something like this before, let alone a frowning man.

I choked on his wifs, and soon I was pushed up sout down his cock. His cock grew and grew into my mouth as I unwillingly Blackmail slut story wife. Stody man shoved something hard into my pussy. Something vibrated inside me very quickly and that directly led me to suck the guy off faster. I slowly took control of the situation and began to use my hands to stroke the cock with my right hand while my left hand rested comfortably on his right thigh. We've got a long trip" I obeyed and took my time. After a few slow sucks, I voluntarily took the cock out of my mouth and began slowly stroking it.

I licked him from the head of his uncircumsized penis all the Blacknail down to his balls. He would tell me to look at him while I began licking him like stoty lollipop. Suddenly, the vibrator was snatched out of my pussy and I felt a huge crave. My pussy was really wet. I wanted to reach back to rub my pussy but the other man guided my left hand to the entrance Blackmail slut story wife the zipper in his pants. He then laid down wofe I Blackmail slut story wife at that man. He nodded his head and then with only my left hand, unzipped his pants, grabbed hold of his penis, and began stroking him. Very soon, I was sucking him too, passionately. Sotry was torture that they would not fuck me as I was soaking from that vibrator so I just had to focus on giving them a srory hand and head.

I didn't know how I managed to last so long in the van without being fucked, and how they both managed to endure the sensations. After that long travel, the van stopped and I iwfe performing. I heard the side door slide open. I turned my head in that direction and saw ten men standing outside. My eyes opened in fear. Drag her in the warehouse! I noticed a group of mattresses placed together to form a large square in the middle of the room. I saw myself approaching Blackkmail closer and closer till i was pushed into lBackmail. Within a few moments, I was staring at three cocks. I opened sult mouth for him and start blowing him. I shyly began to observe that I should grab the cock with my left and right hands respectively to stroke the others.

Fuck her wet cunt. Don't act like you'd pass this up. I was really wet and as much as I felt like sucking cock, I didn't really want to get invaded in my holiest spot. As they told me to lean forward while I was on my hands and knees, I anticipated penetration in my cunt. But it wasn't in my cunt, they stuck up in my ass. But not as bad as the first time. My ass was very tight and dry, so tight that I had to suck the guy who fucked my ass to get some moisture in. The taste of my anus was disgusting. I really wanted to throw up. While I was focussed on the pain of my ass, I was guided back to the duty of stroking and sucking the penises. My cunt was wet and they decide to fuck my ass?

I was pissed off. The first guy pumped inside me a few more times before he withdrew out of my ass and jerked himself till he came on the entrance of my anus. I was glad he was finished. I needed some cock in my cunt but I didn't want to say it. The three cocks in front of my face told me it wanted to cum. I could feel the vibrations and could look into the eyes of my rapists that they were close. I was told to use my hands and keep stroking until they finished. Some of the cum dripped onto my shower gown and down to my knees and some were aimed inaccurately at my hair. I had instinctively tried to turn away from it, only to be held still.

I was thoroughly humiliated as I gave off a disgusted look. A guy laid comfortably on the mattress and the guys pushed me onto my back on top of the guy, but not before taking off my shower gown. Naked in front of 13 men with a soaking sensitive cunt, I began to beg them to fuck me there. As much as many of them wanted to including myselfthe main guy told them to fuck my loosened ass, titties and mouth. The one on the bottom rubbed his penis before inserting it slowly into my anus which began to get wider and wider. I never was a fan of anal sex but it was getting easier and easier for them to do it. One of the guys sat on top of me and began fucking my tits. And another guy pulled my head back so his penis could enter my mouth.

I choked as this was an unusual position for me to suck and he gave me some air to adjust. He then placed his cock back in deep And places his cock back in again I was getting used to this. One of the guys decided to slowly finger me. I felt a bit better that my pussy's needs were being addressed but he wasn't fingering me to please me A few people around us began jerking off by themselves near me. The guy fucking my tits couldn't really wait any longer and he decided to cum. He pressed my breasts together and came. The penis, with nowhere to go, shot straight forward to my neck and chin area. The cum on my face from earlier was slowly drying up. The guys fucking my mouth wanted to cum too and he forced his cock down all the way, and that finally made me gag.

He came and the delicate shots tickled my throat and I choked and cough with the cock in my mouth but he stubbornly kept it deep. I swallowed but some of the cum was spilling from my nose. Tears were running down my face. With the cock out of my mouth, I loudly begged for a cunt fuck. I want a cock up my pussy. I am a slut. I want your cocks in my hole one by one. I'll do everything you want me to do. This slut wants to be fucked. I never was a feminist so these words didn't hurt me at all. The men pulled me up slightly and another guy lined up underneath me. I knew what I had to do. I slowly crouched lower and lower until the penis kissed my vagina. Oh that felt good. As his entire tool began slowly entering inside me, a gracious smile appeared on my face.

The guys sprayed at me several times that night.

My body was completely filled with cum from head to toe. The guys all took a chance to cum inside my previously precious hole - and I couldn't argue with them because if I complained, I might not be fucked there again! I came so many times that night, again. It was so liberating. I moaned in ecstasy and sincerity with each pump the men brought to me. I want more dick! I want your babies! Finally, the guys brought out a long tube which they had kept stashed with them for the night. They all ejaculated into a glass container, and eventually it was filled up with large amounts of semen. They had the option to either dump it on me, Blackmail slut story wife make me drink it and the men voted to make me do the latter.

I was so horny I said yes! On my knees, I was given the straw to the drink. I sipped it slowly at first and then tasted it. It was so disgusting to swallow that I gave out a disgusted look to it after gulping it down. Drink it fast" I then began to keep making sipping sounds and continued swallowing the load everytime it filled up my mouth. Gulping sounds could be heard by the men who would comment about it. It took a little more than 5 minutes for me to swallow it all down completely. Most of the delay was because I wanted to give up, claiming that I was becoming really full from the large semen drink.

What they did was that some of the men tried to keep my mouth open while one man took the glass container and began slowly pouring it down. Of course I couldn't drink everything down and I closed my mouth briefly to give myself a break but not too long after, my mouth was jarred open again. Drink it bitch" "MMMM! Some of the spilled semen was wasted when it spilled down my chin, tits and body. After the drink was finished, I was asked how that drink was. When asked if I would do it again if the same or a similar situation came up again, I told them I would do anything for the sex. They dropped me back off to where my house was later - with my shower gown on. After that large protein shake, the foul smell of cum couldn't really be removed even after brushing my teeth several times that night.

Even after showering intensely, I still felt like a dirty slut. I could've sworn a liquid was swaying back and forth in my stomach. Johnny and his gang would come and visit me later, shortly before my husband would arrive home from his trips. My pussy and ass was loose and sticky for the rest of the week. I was periodically checked up by Johnny and some his crew and was reminded again that I was not to take any preventative measures, or else. I wasn't even sure if that meant the release of the tapes, or possibly Robbie being murdered by these savages. I didn't want to take the risk.

My belly was small, but clearly visible. The men only six who visited forced me to do the usual, which was to strip naked and perform sexual duties to please and appease them. They, however, began to use condoms. I looked very sad that these men thought I was dirty and I was I fucked so many men that I lost count. Previous to this, I only had Robbie, and virtually no one else. I was forced in different positions as usual, and the ending was a little different. Each of the men took off his condom and wacked off around me. I had no choice really but to close my eyes and wait. Some cum was shot into my face near the eyes, and some of the men asked me to open my mouth up.

It was at this point where I felt some uneasiness about myself. There were a couple of men that filled their condoms up with cum, and forced me to drink their loads. It landed on my tongue and I gulped them down. After I was done, I was told to get dressed. I was then ushered into a car, though not roughly. The car that was I was in did not have backseat passengers, as the other men were in their own cars. I was sitting in the middle. I was then given a blindfold by Johnny himself. I was very worried at this point. About 15 minutes later, the car stopped.

Wife story Blackmail slut

Though I could not see what was happening, I could hear the other guys in the front talking. After a while, two rear doors began to open, and the two rear seats were occupied, as I felt the weight shifting from one side to another. I looked around, and asked, "What's happening? But one of the men took off my seatbelt and pushed me so I was leaning on my left side. The man on the left enthusiastically asked me to open my mouth, and I wasn't liking where this was going. I was given a backhand slap to the face, which shook me up.

My jaw was pushed open and a zipper was heard. As soon as it opened, a very smelly small cock was inserted. My tongue touched and tasted it. My head was shoved down and my mouth closed. I gagged on it. I nodded with a whimper. My head was then pushed and pulled up and down, forcing me to perform a blowjob on this man. The smell and taste just seemed to get worse. But a sound of big glee was heard from the man receiving the blowjob. I heard him say "This is great! My right hand was placed by the men so that I touched the man's balls and cock.

My head was then released and this allowed me to escape from this cock and gasp at air. The cock smelled horrible. I was then pushed upright and then pushed to my right, and I knew what was gonna happen and I was right. Another cock to service, and this one was not better in smell nor taste. When I refused to suck at any point, I was reminded with a slap until I nodded to continue. After a few blows here and there, alternating sides, I was pushed upright and forced to stroke the two men beside me with my hands. Suddenly one of the doors opened and the man on my right got up and left. I was then shifted around a bit and was pushed up on all fours, but still being forced to continue sucking the guy on my left.

My fingers inadvertently wrapped around the man's balls in an attempt to balance myself. This gave him a sensation. I continued blowing the guy and the man behind me was probing my pussy with his fingers. I was still fully clothed though. I heard the man behind me say "I can't reach her". I knew what he meant. After much shifting around, I was then pushed onto my back, and pushed all the way at the end of the car seat. Yep, I definitely knew what was gonna happen. My head was pulled back so that it was right at the edge of the seat. I was being skullfucked. I desperately gasped at air, and gagged at his dick, making saliva spill down.

My skirt was pulled down, along with my panties. The bottom half was removed. The man then said "Hey rich whore, take this cock up your precious cunt. The man then said "Your husband must be really bad, 'cuz otherwise it doesn't make sense for you to come out all this way just to fuck a couple of homeless dudes in your car". And to think there's a baby here too I felt coldness run through all over my body. I couldn't see anything and if what I heard was true, I'm sucking and fucking homeless men! This couldn't be true I choked on the cock again, until I gagged hard.

After sucking and fucking for a good ten minutes, which included some anal action too, I was taken out of the car, and all the blood rush to the head made me really dizzy. I was then pushed down to my knees. My blindfold was removed and I saw the men. They were indeed homeless men, with their clothing filthy and broken. They were a complete mess. The man to my left began to wack off and I looked up at him in anticipation. I closed my eyes. Instead of cumming on my face, he moaned and forced his cock into my mouth, as he exploded in me. My mouth was then pushed as far back as I could handle.

I drank his full load, but not without coughing. I was then released. The man on my right had to finish and my mouth was held open. The guy shot a huge warm load that covered my eyes, nose, and some entered my mouth. I naturally rejected it and it spilled out down my chin. I then winced but the loads kept coming. After he finished, he wiped my face with his cock, wiping much of the cum away and then I was forced to rinse his cock. The smell was absolutely awful, far worse than I ever could have imagined. Johnny's bunch of friends were not far away when this all took place, and they returned.

I asked again, but all I got were glances from the other men. The homeless men went away and I was given a blindfold again. I was half naked, blindfolded, and sticky. Being pulled out of the car, I was pushed forward, walked up some steps, and entered into a building. After a few steps, I was walked into a room on my left, and I could hear the echoes of doors closing nearby. My blindfold was removed and I saw that I was in a bathroom stall! My shirt and bra was being taken off and I began to resist. This is the last thing you'll need to do and you won't hear from any of us again. I was only wearing a housecoat and panties.

I removed my panties with the intention of flashing my pussy at them. But I waited and waited but they seemed really busy and laying there with the hot sun shining through the window, I fell asleep. I was startled by banging on the window. It was the older boy. Picking up her towel she made her way back into the house. It was then she noticed an envelope by the front door, picking it up she saw it was addressed to her. Thinking nothing more of it she threw it on to the counter top will look later she thought. Moments later her house was filled with laughter as her kids came home. James the youngest picked up the envelope and started to open it. Cheeky monkey she thought.

She had only seen one picture but how many more were there and god how did this happen. Her mind was in turmoil. Later at dinner her husband said. OH my god please don't let this be for real, Val thought while pecking at her food. She had crazy thoughts in her head now. This was not supposed to happen. Minutes turned into hours, hours to days. Finally when her children and husband were in bed she got the envelope back out. Nervously she opened it, hoping that her first view of it had changed. But no there was Val with a face full of black cock, the rest showed her in various fuck positions some with her cunt and ass being fucked at the same time.

But although Val was clearly visible she didn't know who was fucking her as their faces could not be seen. There had been that many I suppose thought Val. It was then she saw the note it read. Time to pay you dirty white fuck whore. Fuck with blacks will you. Bitches like you make me sick where I come from you would be stoned. White cock not good enough eh. I will be in touch fuck whore, have no fear this is for real. Oh my god,, please no thought Val. What the fuck is he going to make me do, she had never hurt anyone and this happens to her. My god her children must never find out.

Val had very little sleep that night. Two days passed with nothing in the post Val was hoping above all, that nothing ever came of it. Then on the third day she saw it. On it was handwritten, for the fuck whore who lives there. God he knew where she lived. Not wanting to open it but she knew she had to, she took the sheets inside. Upon them it said. Thought I'd forgotten you eh? No chance, been checking up on you and it seems you'd let any black fuck you in any hole of their choice.

He then popped me to try anal my hot as required to the verge as possible Blackamil then gone up the division with only my pussy. Val nervously blocked about for the next 30 years down sure to j upright, so no obligation of her ass makes or cunt would be on show.

What a dirty cunt you are. I take it by now you know this is blackmail, from now on I own you. You will do exactly as I say and my cheap whore, I will enjoy it. I love humiliating women like you. Later today a package will arrive. You know the kind of clothes you wear to the clubs but much sluttier. No other garments will be worn just what you find in the package, with it instructions, these of course will be carried out to the letter. As I enter the meeting room, I see a sweet little thing sitting in a chair. The chair seems to engulf her petite frame. She is about 5'3", maybe lbs, pale skin like a porcelain doll, bright blue eyes with long eye lashes, pouty lips with bright red lipstick, and short honey blond hair with strawberry blond highlights.

I feel a tingling in my groin and know I need to relax and try to minimize my eye contact with her and try not to stare at her. Damn she is hot! My mind began conjuring images of her on the meeting table crawling towards me with nothing on but a sexy smile. Luckily, the meeting is very brief, we introduced ourselves, and Craig made the transition of the project from himself to Amanda. We shook hands and gave each other a brief smile and then left. As I was walking to my cube I remembered in my flustered state of mind that I didn't give Amanda a copy of last year's program materials. So I walked over to her department and as I turned into her cube I noticed her checking her Yahoo e-mail, which isn't a bad thing.

However, what I saw in the e-mail was She immediately closed the window. You know we should go to lunch today and I will forget that I ever saw that. So I leaned over and whispered to her, "It would be a shame if IT got a tip that a new employee was looking at pornographic materials at work. I promise I'll be good.

I can't believe you sllut blackmailing me sttory going to lunch with you. She and I hopped in my car and went down to a local restaurant that has big separators between each booth. I asked the waiter for a corner booth in the back I started the conversation by telling Amanda how just seeing her that morning made my blood course through my body and made my groin tingle. Little did she know that I'd already promised my friend in IT that he would get to use her sweet little mouth as his cum receptacle, after I had her, of course.

I instructed her, "Sit next to me" patting the booth next to my thigh. She got out of the booth again, but this time she sat next to me. I could smell her sweet honey blonde hair with her sitting close to me. I pulled her closer to me and placed my hand on her thigh. I felt her flinch at my touch It will be our little secret just like the pic I saw on your computer. I could feel the change in her body temp as I rubbed the inner part of her thighs, I tried to move my hand to her crotch but her legs were to close to each other I used my thumb to move her panties to the side as I began to rub my fingers on her clit.

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