How to stop intimidating others

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10 Things That Make You Intimidating

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And power fueling a fragile ego can be a particularly troublesome combination.

ztop With enough of these experiences, I learned to change the way I judge people. Powerful people are Hwo people I welcome into my life, who welcome me back, who fill me with positivity, and who teach me how to grow. Separate your own ego. But it is there. Ego is just as involved in insecurity as it is in arrogance. The more aware of it you are, the more you can learn to separate from it and send it loveinstead of letting it control you and your emotions. Fakeness is oddly transparent, especially on those who feel insecure to begin with. Always strive for authenticity. Be who you are, the best version of who you are. Wish them well and move on. There is such beauty in the authenticity that comes from a place of humble self-love and acceptance, instead of a place of ego-driven fear.

Understand your own worth.

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Sitting side by orhers with someone is less intimidating than if you remain seated behind your desk, especially if you hold a position of authority. Keep in mind that body language is a major part of any communication. Pay attention to your hand gestures. What you intend to be enthusiasm could be perceived as aggression. Keep your distance and don't invade other people's personal space. The acceptable, comfortable distance between nonfamily members during regular conversations varies by culture, but most North Americans feel threatened if you stand closer than 4 feet. Be careful where you place yourself in the room.

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Picture the intimidating person dancing in a tutu, lounging in their undies with some chips or belting Adele's greatest hits during their commute. The exact picture really doesn't matter. The idea is simply to use a goofy visualization to tell your brain they don't pose a threat, thereby shutting down the fight-or-flight stress response. Focus on how the other person is feeling. Focusing too much on what you want from the intimidating person can make you miss important cues that could help you communicate more effectively.

For example, do they seem stressed themselves at the moment? Could they use a quick cup of coffee? The reason for their bad mood, dominance or aggression might not have anything to do with you! Respond to those cues and ask yourself how you can serve them with compassion and genuineness.

Small gestures or yo kind word as you speak can be incredibly disarming and serve to build a better long-term relationship. Talk firmly from the heart. Intimidwting statements typically keep intimidating individuals from moving to yo defensive and trying to be even more assertive. At the same time, firmness within truthful I statements tells the intimidating person that you have strength of your own. By repeatedly stepping outside your comfort zone, you boost your confidence in believing you can go even further next time. Remember however to step outside your comfort zone not your safety zone.

Saying yes to challenges becomes an addictive cycle that your self-belief will crave. Stop feeling intimidated once and for all. Taking small steps can break the patterns of feeling intimidated for good. Picture feeling an important member of the group, socially and at work. Imagine never dreading being intimidated again. Stop missing out on the wonderful opportunities and experiences that await you. Fight back with these simple but powerful tactics. Download their free cheat sheet:

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