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Thus, you will see that Lincoln, Illinois, was on or near the underground railroad, which followed this 6256 Pirtle, p. The information below is excerpted from this Courier article. Access the full text and photos of the article. In fact a reunion of Lincoln residents who sprang from the Kentucky Logan County would find a very large segment of our colored population represented. This settlement pattern was similar to that of Emden, first established by emigrants from Emden, Germany.

Forthright, hedgerows got in the way of birders, so the great were taken out, mighty bowing the wheelhouse landscape and inflicting the handyman of many people p. Disrespect is a must.

The first comers wrote back to their friends, and others from their home community followed them" Courier, Section Two,p. This article provides biographical sketches about the following African-Americans, including former slaves: Millie Smith, 88, Ninth St. There is also a photo of Dock Fort, but no other information about him. Additional photos show black women and the white children they cared for: Millie Smith servant and Mrs. Phyllis Kuhl Edgell as a child and Mrs. Millie Smith servant and Barrett Cosby child. The Orendorffs photo at right had been slaves and afterward worked for the Brainerds owners of the Neo-classical mansion in Lincoln whose photo is published more often than any other house there.

See an artistic drawing at Orendorff was the family coachman and "drove the open and closed carriages of those days. He loved horses and spent much time grooming 'White Molly,' Mr. Orendorff also farmed on the Brainerd property on North Union Street. Several other blacks mentioned in the Courier article were former slaves. She is pictured twice in the Courier article: Phyllis Edgell and in another picture holding "the late Barrett Cosby. Smith recalls a great deal of those dark and at times seemingly hopeless days when the older slaves prayed for deliverance from cruel masters. It was the only way in which they could have 'church.

Smith gave this recipe for "beaten biscuits: Flour, very little lard, milk. Mix and put on a block like a butcher's block: Bake in slow oven. A white mining engineer had been murdered by a black man, and in a separate incident a young white woman, Mabel Hallam, claimed she was assaulted by a black man. As a result, "angry mobs lynched two black men, wrecked the small black business district, and burned forty homes in a black neighborhood" p.

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The riot killed two blacks and five white men. Hallam later admitted that her white lover had beaten her p. The next morning, news of the riot arrived in Lincoln when trains delivered the Springfield Register. At the train depot, sales of the Register set a record, and tensions in Lincoln increased because of a local incident, as described by Professor Burkhardt: Burkhardt continues, "No large-scale acts of violence were reported in Lincoln, yet racism was common, as it was in most small Midwestern towns. In neighborhoods such as the Maxwells', genteel bigotry marked most dealings between white families and their black servants" p.

Blacks of Lincoln, Illinois, in the Early Twentieth Century Late in the nineteenth century and early in the twentieth century, some blacks in Lincoln gained upward social mobility, rising from the lower middle class to the center of the middle class. Some of the children and grandchildren of black servants and laborers advanced into positions in the business community. The following four examples are seen in a Illinois business publication. This source was contained in a vertical file folder that Lincoln Library Director Richard Sumrall showed me. The captions are quoted in their entirety: Orendorff has the respect and confidence of the leading white people of the city and with them his word is his bond.

He does a large volume of business annually, employing three men, regularly 99 percent of his customers are white. He has a beautiful home on east Broadway. Izora Rogers "Miss Rogers is prominent in the social circle and teacher of the junior class of the A. Miss Rogers is a 'typo' [typist] of no mean ability, and worked on the Metropolis Gazette, a weekly colored paper. Miss Rogers is very popular and enjoys a wide circle of friends. This is a good record and the position is one that is not commonly held by colored girls. It is a real eye opener. I love to read rather than watch a television unless it is the History or Discovery Channel.

I only live my life one truth at a time and I have no room in it for anyone that tells lies, thiefs or plays games.

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