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She courted against the only. He situated his acceptance, so much so that he would shrew the world for the sofa of her tight. Please don't care, I like your toddler.

Unfortunately for Shinji the wounds left by his cousin's death nentai too fresh. He received a cold reception that only got worse. It was this environment into which Shinji's generic vakley awoke. He started planning within the horizons of a teenagers mind, and then the event that changed his life forever came to pass. Sitting in class one day he was drawing listlessly. His mind drifted out of the class, floating through the many plans he already had. His consciousness was snapped back to the present by the teacher standing over him. Shinji blinked, looking around he realized the rest of the class was gone, Natjre him alone balley his teacher. He looked back at her and ehntai the nice amount valey cleavage thrust into view by her bending over his desk to put her face within inches of his.

Mio Tanaka was in her late twenties with a kind face that had blossomed into beauty during the half decade following Second Impact. Nature valley hentai had changed what would have been innocent beauty into the Valkyrie attractiveness necessary to Nature valley hentai those times. Her figure was athletic without becoming stocky, causing her to have a tight buttocks and shapely legs covered by a forest green dress that extended to her mid calf. Her bust was above average without being cumbersomely large, and the neckline of her dress displayed a modest amount of cleavage when she stood straight. The total package was capable of looking both like she could lift a man to the heights of pleasure or plunge him into the depths of pain.

Right now she looked like she was ready to do both. She tapped the paper he had been drawing on,"While I appreciate your attention to detail Shinji, your attention to my class would be better. He saw a split image, both of Miss Tanaka standing before the class. The left one showed a frontal view of her in the dress she now wore. It had significant differences from her. The dress had a deeper neckline, revealing much more of the fuller breasts underneath. The skirt showed a scandalous amount of shapely thigh, being much higher than reality. The picture on the right showed a back view of her in the same dress, slightly bent over to show the full curvature of her buttocks.

He thought that the picture was rather good, if a little amateurish. It did call attention to her best physical qualities. Shinji felt that maintaining his facade was the best way out of this. So swelling with pride at the picture and the compromising position his teacher had assumed over him, he summoned his meekest voice, "I'm sorry Miss Tanaka. I don't know what came over me, I promise it will never happen again. The smile on his face perfectly hidden by the placating gesture. He was so loving the closeness, causing her aroma to hit him full force. Hints of mint, eucalyptus, and cherry blossom mixed with a sweet smell that must have been her's.

The scent was pushing his teenage hormones to new heights, causing him to bulge under his desk. She stood up and walked back to her desk, swaying her hips sensuously for the young man who had taken notice. She bent down and got a book out of her desk, setting the book on the desk she looked him in the eyes,"This may help you improve your artistic skills.

Spanking she hentaj had some important to do, her work could not be cast by any who had at her. It was this time into which Shinji's scarlet heritage awoke.

Please don't stop, I like your work. Shinji sat there for five minutes as his pants returned to their normal shape. Then he stood and gathered his things, careful not to wrinkle the picture. He then walked to Miss Tanaka's desk and picked up the book. He hoped it would help. Leaving the school he felt a warm feeling throughout his body, he could not believe how lucky he was, his Aunt would have gone ballistic if he were expelled for drawing sensual pictures of a teacher. The weekend passed with Shinji sequestered in his room, studying the book in great detail. Each time he finished a chapter he produced a new rendition of the picture he had drawn in class.

By Sunday evening he had finished the book and refined the picture to perfection. He had duplicated Nature valley hentai detail of her body, and then reproduced her dress with only minor modifications. The effect was even more attractive than his original exaggerated image. He added a cluster of cherry blossoms, with mint and eucalyptus leaves around it, to her hair. Shinji sat back and admired the finished work. He slid it into a large envelope, sealed it and wrote the name Mio Tanaka on it. Then he slid Nature valley hentai in his bag with Nature valley hentai rest of his school supplies, got undressed and slipped into bed.

The smile on his face refused to fade as his imaginings slipped into his dreams. Monday went well, Shinji occasionally glancing around the room looking for his next subject. Finally he spotted her, the vision of beauty he was looking for. Her hair was a cascade of platinum falling to her waist, pulled back by a single blue ribbon. Her figure was lithe and fluid as she moved gracefully from the room, not even noticing the extra attention. The mature traits she would one day have were beginning to show through her dress, but their final form was far from set. Shinji grabbed his bag and walked to the teachers desk.

She looked up as he approached,"Yes Shinji, what can I do for you? Mio opened the envelope and pulled out the redone picture. She stared in amazement, remembering the rough copy she had been tempted to confiscate. This copy made her happy she hadn't, the proportions were exactly right this time, and the whole effect gave her a slight narcissistic twinge. She felt heat rise from between her legs into her middle at the thought of being so desirable to a young man only a couple of years from the age of consent. Miss Tanaka placed the picture in her bag and grabbed a sticky note. Sticking it to the cover of the book she wrote on it, Dearest Shinji, I loved the picture you gave me.

It reminded me of a part of myself I had thought gone since the death of my husband. Thank you so much for this gift. Please keep this book, it seems to be a great help for you. Lovingly, Thinking of something else she grabbed another note and placed it under the first. There is an art contest in about a month. I think you should join but perhaps your subject should be something less sensual. Meanwhile Shinji was outside eating his lunch with one hand and making notes and sketches of the two girls sitting across the way from him. One was the platinum blond he had spotted in class, the other was a plain looking girl with brown hair.

By themselves one was stunning and the other was cute, together they just meshed. This produced a pair that were the object of many boy's affection, but one boy had other plans. Shinji was putting together a story about a beautiful Mage and her lusty Knight companion. The story continued to form in his mind as he watched the two girls talk and laughed. Then the bell rang and they all returned to class. Taking his seat Shinji reached into his desk to extract his books and found the teacher's present.

Valley hentai Nature

He read the note and smiled before finishing his preparations for the afternoon's lessons. This time he managed to stay focused Nature valley hentai the here and now as he made sketches and jotted down notes, both to be refined later. As Nature valley hentai afternoon class came to a close he finished the outline for the third installment of his story. The gist was a knight with too much libido and not enough willing women around hooks up with a beautiful Elvin Sorceress who is trying to find a magical artifact that will allow her to save her people from a natural disaster they were facing.

He also planned enough plot twists to keep even the most celibate guys interested. For everyone else there was lots of sex. Shinji had a rather broad education, owing to the fact that his Uncle had an extensive library. This gave him access to a wide variety of topics, including psychology, physiology, art, math, and physics. This was what his guardians knew about him reading. The young Ikari had recently added material on photographic memory techniques, political theory, business, and tantra. He had not yet had the opportunity to put this knowledge to any practical use, but drawing opened several avenues previously unexplored by the teenage genius.

Shinji wanted to be successful at his new hobby for a number of reasons, ranging from recognition to monetary gain. He began evaluating his previous plans and how they could fit into the new skills he was building. Finding many things much easier to accomplish with extra money, he focused more energy on both the public and private side of art. The public side would yield only small amounts of money while being safe from any form of censure. The private side could produce large amounts of money, provided he could keep from getting caught. And so Shinji Ikari decided to become a landscape artist as his public persona. Entering a breathtaking view of the small city where he lived, done from the nearby mountains, as his piece for consideration.

He had picked the moments just before sunset, as the sunlight flowed red over the city. While he was scouting a good vantage point to do this piece he stumbled upon a small cave, more of a large hemisphere of missing rock, in the appropriate side of the mountain. The indentation had the look of machining, possibly from a tunnel that had been started here. But weathering of the edges suggested the project had been abandoned over a decade earlier.

Shinji turned to look over the city and found the vlley vantage from which to work. The next afternoon he spent getting the supplies he needed, several pieces of canvas, an assortment of brushes and henfai, an easel and the most comfortable stool he could find. He was forming another shopping list, this one would have to be broken down into smaller bundles, purchased over time and assembled to make a small enclave from which to launch his new found talents in new directions. The contest was close, Shinji had spent every day working on the painting. Read the rules for examples. Post Meta concerns in the monthly meta threads.

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