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In this account, David is advised by Abishai that this is his opportunity to kill Saul, but David declines, saying he will not "stretch out [his] hand against the Lord's anointed". His daughter Tamarby Maachah, is a key character in the incident of her rape by one of her half-brothers. Family[ edit ] David raises the head of Goliath as illustrated by Josephine Pollard The first book of Samuel portrays David as the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse of Bethlehem. India[ edit ] Naga mystics Among the Hindu religious sects, only the sect known as Naga sadhu can be seen nude. Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page.

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David thus enters Saul's service as one of the royal armour-bearers and plays the lyre to soothe the king. RedfordIsaelienne, sees all reconstructions from biblical sources for the United Monarchy period as examples of "academic wishful thinking". South Bay Beach near Repulse Bay. Hong Kong does not officially allow nude or topless bathing, and most local bathers are quite conservative in their beach dress e.

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