1997 ford escort tires

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1997 Ford Escort Tire Sizes

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Tres of tires with a speed rating less than the original equipment tires may reduce performance and handling. We make every effort to escogt that the following search results are up-to-date and accurately presented. If you have any questions regarding the correct product for your vehicle, please contact a Customer Service Advisor at your local store who will assist you in selecting the correct size. Winter driving presents special challenges for vehicle mobility. The use of winter tires while improving traction performance in snow and ice — requires special care with regard to acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.

It is important to drive with care, not only on snow and ice, but on dry and wet roads as well.

Ford escort tires 1997

In winter driving conditions, vehicle control — and safe operation — under braking and cornering is especially dependent upon the rear tires. For this reason, sscort tires are best applied to all wheel positions. Winter tires are best applied to all wheel positions. If winter tires are applied to the front axle of any vehicle, they must also be installed on the rear. Do not apply winter tires to only the front axle — this applies to all passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks, including front wheel drive, 4X4 and all-wheel drive vehicles. Tires are classified according to season and application.

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We have summer tires, which are used in warm weather and winter tires for cold climate. Winter tires demonstrate a high braking force and improved traction on icy roads. They are designed to withstand low temperatures and snowy tracks. Regular tires perform exceptionally well in urban roads. Those who love the great outdoors should acquire a set of all terrain tires to withstand the rough tracks out there.

When traveling on a rough track, a run-flat tire allows you to continue with your journey even after your tire is damaged. Ford Escort tires are made using the foed innovative techniques to ensure the finished product meets the strident standards adhered to in the industry. Tire manufacturers use a host of different materials in the production process including natural rubbers, synthetic materials and compound chemicals. These are all geared to produce a product that has the best value for money. It is important to fit all your tires with a TPMS sensor to monitor air pressure and temperature on the tire.

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