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The device connects to your network and acts like a mini cell tower. My MicroCell worked great with my iPhone 5s, but once I activated my iPhone 6 the strong signal love was gone. My MicroCell and iPhone 6 refused to talk to each other even though my phone number didn't change. You'll need to reset your MicroCell before it'll see your new iPhone. Make sure you're on the same network as your MicroCell. Choose the appropriate account type: You may need to login again after choosing your account type. The site walks you through entering the necessary information to reactivate your MicroCell.

Microcell Hook up 3g

Be sure to have your MicroCell serial number handy, and use uppercase letters when entering your physical address. MicroCell activation can take a long time. When you receive it, you have a couple of choices. If you have a wireless router, you can hook the box up in the back in one of the LAN ports usually WiFi routers have ports. If you just use your home computer hooked up to a modem cable, DSL, etc you can hook this up directly to the modem and use the computer internet pass-through port on the MicroCell. It should be the first or second result. Follow the on screen instructions.

It took mine about 20 minutes to activate.

You'll get a hat message letting you would when your MicroCell is right again, and within a few people your iPhone 6 should show that it's important. You may change to login again after adding your account type.

You may mmicrocell to wait a few minutes for it to connect up. This will tell you the device microxell connected to the MicroCell. If you do not see this then you are not connected. How well it Works This will depend on how bad or good your signal was originally. It works fine on my Nexus 5 Android 4. I have noticed that signal strength will vary as the MicroCell attempts to compensate with the changing signal strength of the closest towers. It takes anywhere from 15 seconds to 5 minutes to connect once I get home.

The S3 seems to take the longest for some reason and does occasionally disconnect. I also noticed that the MicroCell had issues the first night, stopping signal broadcast occasionally. After that it has been rock hard solid all day and night long. I did test data on my Nexus 5 for my curiosity and Ookla Speedtest gave me 4. I would again stress that you should not use the MicroCell for data. The data you use will count against your cap and it is most likely slower than your WiFi.

Hok Should you Get a MicroCell? The signal difference is incredible: You should get a MicroCell, but do not buy it: I was very polite and asked what they could do. The guy put me on hold for a few minutes while he looked at my account.

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