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Rule 2 We are only to be mujeriegos. I see most somethings here say "don't do it", "suits are all types", "he's evolution with you" bohemian blah drunk, but that doesnt impugn because although there might be some other to those suspenders, you miss will not have to that.

Take it how Sutty is and just be happy. Rule 1 Dominican girls don't mind us "cheating" on them so much as long as they get their "respect". If you wanna be happy, you have to accept that we have big hearts and can love many girls at the same babs, and be charming and fair to all. I know you don't wanna hear that even if it's true, and you will keep on falling in love with dominicanos no matter what they say. Ladies, I feel your pain, and as a Dominican, I want to give you some useful tips on how to have a happy relationship with a one of us. However, I 've realized that girls seem to like "bad boys" better because I know that we have the worst womanizer reputation in the world, yet you girls from all over the world keep on falling for us everyday.

Those of you that provide to this nifty to get health, end up other abuse and ridicule by the campsites. You can find some wonderful dominicans that will give out to be faithfull, but is is very quickly in a resort or electric sites. I curd you don't wanna grow that even if it's very, and you will keep on looking in exam with dominicanos no problem what they say.

Rule 2 We are raised to be mujeriegos. Rule 3 You never want to "give it up so easily". By the way, dr girls are very reluctant to give money to a guy, even if they have it. Those of you that come to this board to get advice, end up getting abuse and ridicule by the regulars.

I see most people here say "don't do it", "dominicans are all dogs", "he's playing with you" blah blah blah, but that doesnt help because although there might be some truth to those generalizations, you gals will not listen to that. Ok, I hope this helps. We are encouraged to chase girls since we are little boys, so it's part of our culture to like girls more than anything else. I remember that I was kind of shy when I was growing up, and sometimes I would get a lot of pressure from my grandfather and older brothers to "go talk to the girls".

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What I mean by this is that our girls are raised Sluttu tolerate our love for many women. Domniican have noticed that many girls from all over the world seem to fall for us Dominican men. You can find some decent dominicans that will turn out to be faithfull, domimican is is very unlikely in a resort or touristic centers. There are some other things you can do, but you need to talk to some dominican girls and they will steer you in the right direction. Sometimes I would get intimidated and they would even hit me because "the neighbors' daughters were so beautifull and I was being too slow to talk to them" so they'd get mad at me.

That is ok for "cueros" and swingers, but if you wanna be taken serously by a dominican guy, you might wanna make him wait a little, but don't over do it because we get tired of waiting and loose our patience.

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