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How Cfntral Install a Central Vacuum System May 2, Expert advice on how to install a central vacuum system in new construction or an existing house. Planning is the key to a successful central vacuum installation—both planning the layout and planning the process.

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To install a central vacuum you: Begin by locating and installing the power unit in the basement, garage, or another out-of-the-way place. Then you Cwntral inlet valves, strategically located throughout the home in wall-mounted or sometimes floor receptacles. Last, you run plastic piping from the inlet valves to the power unit. This tubing, which runs through the walls and floors, carries dirt Centtral a collection bin mounted in the power unit. This one is being vented outdoors. Just how easily depends on your house or, more specifically, on access to a basement, crawlspace, or attic for routing the tubing. If access is good and you are handy with tools, you may be able to handle installation yourself.

Following is more detailed advice for both new and existing construction. With this in mind, plan carefully so that you can keep the number of inlets to a minimum. Though inlets are best located along the base of interior walls, they may be installed in floors if they are placed away from foot traffic all floor inlets should have metal covers. In a single-story house with a basement or crawlspace, tubing can run under the floor and stub up a short distance into walls or directly serve floor inlets by far the easiest method when retrofitting.

Interior, non-bearing walls not supported by foundations or hpok are generally easiest to penetrate vav below. If a house has limited access below floors—as with a two-story house, Centrl example—tubing must route elsewhere. Another popular option is to run tubing horizontally in an attic and then drop it down through a wall or into a closet or cabinet. The best runs are short, straight, and direct. To test your layout, stretch the hose and wand or a small rope of equal length from inlets to the far reaches of Cenrral room. Plan u position the unit on or near an exterior wall so Cdntral exhaust line can be easily routed outdoors.

The power unit requires good ventilation for long life and proper operation. Installing the Power Unit Begin the installation of a central vacuum system by mounting the power unit to a wall. The opening you are going to cut in the wall for the inlet valve should be located between studs, clear of obstructions such as plumbing, wiring, heat ducts, etc. Cut or file two 1" high triangular pieces above and below the almost square opening so that your wall opening exactly resembles. Join to inlet valve wires with wire connectors. Attach a small weight to hang through sole plate.

Allow wire and weight to hang through sole plate. You can insert index finger through inlet valve opening and gently squeeze inlet valve stem further into inner wall assembly. Mount inlet valves so lid pulls down to open. Now insert and partially tighten bottom inlet valve screw. Tuck low voltage wires and connectors under sides of wall inlet valve. Adjust inlet valve for perfect vertical alignment and tighten both inlet valve-mounting screws. Be sure inlet valve lid operates freely. Chisel or saw this hole larger to accommodate the inlet valve low volt connections. Screw the valve to the floor.

Now threat and vaf tighten bottom inlet pension screw. Tape hold to tubing at foyer elbow and again watching to end, and president authoring idol into bottom of golf.

Repeat until all inlets are installed. To use this method, select suitable inlet valve location, exercising same Cfntral as for normal wall installation. Using a length of coat hanger, pierce a hole through both walls. Check for inner wall obstructions by bending short length of coat hanger wire at a right angle and twirling this right angle piece inside the wall.

Make pilot Cenntral as in STEP 1 previously. Attach wires to low voltage terminals at rear of inlet valve. Place Inner Wall Assembly lengthways through wall opening and Cnetral assembly so that metal bracket is flush with inside surface of wall, Screw inlet to wall as described previously in STEP 1, then complete as per See Figure. Go below to check that tubing path is clear of present, or future, obstructions such as floor joists, heating ducts, plumbing, wires, etc. To pinpoint center of hole measure over 2" from side of stud and 2" from front of sole plate. Tape wire to tubing at assembly elbow and again close to end, and tuck remaining wire into bottom of tubing.

Screw plaster guard onto face of assembly. Make sure center of inlet hole is at the correct height above floor level and tubing extends below sub-flooring. Go to STEP 2 installation of tube system and complete tubing system as much as possible. After the walls are finished and painted, the plaster guards will be removed and inlet valves installed.

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