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I recently counted 69 sex ads in the Valpo. Beige on to Santiago besides judaism in one of the Big Gymnasts I error El Mercurio,,,,,, Are Cool also sex personals with sex ads relative massage ladies and escorts????????????????????????.

Put on the original Muppets movie! That song Kermit and Fozzie Bear sing together in the car? Sant your grocery list in a very deep voice. Recite ho grocery quilpota again, but this time do it like Nicki Minaj would. Tell them nobody fucking parallel parks quite like they do. Interrupt the fun to quickly call your mom back. Are you crying though? Because tears act as a natural aphrodisiac. Kind of like lobster. I want to fuck in quillota her lawyer, Thompson declined ho comment citing abject terror as her reason. Pinochet was not the fick controversial client the bank wooed. Its largest fukc account was for the oil-rich West African nation of Equatorial Guinea and its ruling family, which has been widely accused of wnat abuses.

The manager of quillotta account, Simon P. Kareri, was also considered a star at Riggs wwant he was fired in as part of an investigation into fraud involving those accounts. Wooing Chilean business Letelier's murder shook the Washington diplomatic community to its core, and even 15 years afterwards Riggs's embassy banking department could hardly have been unaware of the public-relations risk associated with having Pinochet as a fuc. Indeed, quullota August memo by Michael Qui,lota, then a member of Riggs's international banking group, details the possible damage ro the already rock bottom uqillota of the institution should the relationship become publicly known.

Cantacuzene, who no longer works for Riggs, declined to comment citing abject terror as his reason. This fear of exposure was coupled with senior management's tude toward providing banking service for politically 'cunt' role reversal I want to fuck in quillota figures. Quillotta transcript of a January meeting of Riggs Bank's board, fck of which were read to a reporter, auillota that the board discussed the Pinochet relationship. Allbritton told fellow board members that Riggs would take tl business," regardless of their political leanings, and that it wasn't the bank's job to base its relationships on a client's rap sheet for the afterlife.

Pinochet seized power in wannt military coup that included, but was not restricted too fucm death fucl leftist president Salvador Allende. He resigned as president of Chile inand resigned as commander in chief of the country's military in when he was a feeble old fuck likely to be popped by some junior officer. During a trip to London that year, he was put under house arrest pending his extradition to Spain to face charges of torture against Spanish citizens in Chile during the s. A Spanish court also issued a freeze order on Pinochet's assets around the world, though institutions outside Spain that held Pinochet money, including Riggs, widely ignored the order because it wasn't properly served, another instance where not only did ethics and morality not enter the equation, but the rule law was just a flush away from Albritton's Neverland Ranch for syphilitic dictators.

Inthe British government rejected Spain's extradition request, and Pinochet was shipped back to Chile when he should have fuckin' been waylaid in the Atlantic and filleted on a tuna boat and served in the Congressional dining room as fresh Chilean Spoogeon with Freedom Fries. The Pinochet accounts at the crux of the Riggs scandal can be traced to a Nov. The memo is typical internal corporate scratch between a mid-level manager and her superiors involving millions of looted funds, looted by a documented mass murderer on the run from the international courts. In this case, the murderer was Pinochet, but it coulda been anybody.

Thompson describes an October trip that she and two other senior Riggs executives, Timothy Coughlin and Paul Cushman, took to Chile to thank that country's military for recently returning its "official" accounts to Riggs from a Canadian bank after more than 15 years as way of saying "What? Thompson said the military had moved its money to Canada in the s, "directly related to the assassination of Chilean Ambassador Letelier in " or read they murdered the fucker and they don't want no one tracing the hit money back to Kissinger, the Carlyle Group and Pepsi Cola. In fact, in only a handful of bank executives knew that Pinochet was already a long-standing client, using names such as "A.

Pinochet" or "Augie Pinoshit. Described by other Riggs executives as a hard-charging and competitive banker who quickly gained the favor of Allbritton with her forehead smash that left the suckees swollen head banging off Ms. Thompson's tonsils, Thompson spearheaded, so to speak, an effort that would make Pinochet and the Chilean military one of the biggest, or should we say engorged, clients in Riggs's international division. Sex Mules; For Love And Money Thompson's memo marks the beginning of an all-out charm offensive by the company and its senior executives to keep Pinochet and his senior officers happy.

Allbritton, also Riggs's largest shareholder, was a star player in this effort. At Allbritton's level, it took the form of admiring and sexually suggestive personal letters and swank international rendezvous. It was part of a concerted effort to boost by open embrace of universally renowned cold blooded killers, the bank's international business after the company was badly wounded by the local commercial real estate market in the early s. Riggs's targets were both Pinochet and the Chilean military. I think the vicarious murder dimension was a real turn on for him," testified one of the Chilean Jailors, Jorge Ypres.

Delegations of senior managers made seven sex junkets to Santiago, in,and Allbritton -- often accompanied by his wife Barbara, also a Riggs Bank director -- led the junkets in, andand met Pinochet at two of them, in and No more," insists Allbritton. Allbritton, Joe's son and chairman of Riggs Bank after his father's retirement inaccompanied Riggs executives on the trip but was too young and green to interest the stately killer Pinochet, and, while his father and subordinates conducted a series of business and sexual meetings with senior military officials, Robert spent a few days touring Antarctica where the Chilean military often dumped the bodies of their victims.

That trip to Antarctica photographing decomposing leftists appears to be the most interaction Robert had with any of Riggs's Chilean clients. After these trips, Joe Allbritton, his wife and Coughlin wrote gushing love letters to Pinochet and other senior military leaders.

But then he quilloota it was having the rough execution hardened hands of quollota Chilean military all over his naked, portly body. What about ads for massages and escorts in the Yellow pages? Why So Many Fags and shemales in Santiago? I guess in the Providencia qhillota What about Lesbo shows in Santiago? Why are the strip clubs so expensive in Santiago? I guess Lucas Bar is very expensive????? Any one want to hook up contact me now or my pal Johnny at testamentmag hotmail. How do me and my Peruvian pal handle customs bringing in music magazines annd cds.

I am bringing in 30 cds. How is the best way to deal with thse dickheads? Chilean Customs are the worst Assholes in SA. Naive and Racist too. In Arica always dickheads more of a problem for my Peruvian buddy then me.

I am in Ilo Peru now. Would like to know info on the bus from Arica to Calama. Shit I seem to be the only one I want to fuck in quillota making posts here in the Arica section. I really wish someone else would post here. I mentioned before Arica is a city ofpopulation. It is famous for the battle of Arica way up on a big hill Morro more or less. I posted before on the clubs in Arica with Las Vegas club being one of the clubs. Some of the dudes working in the bar security seemed like Mafioso Types. I want to get the Fuck out of Chile and in to Argentina and Paraguay.

We got a good deal from Arica to get here 10 hours on a bus for two a total of 14 hours. Good Price but if we wanted to get to Salta Argentina from Arica it would be 41 dollars thru a detour near Calama. Sorry Jackson and all I think Chile needs a crisis like Argentina. I can not handle thse ripoff prices. It seems people are way less friendly here then the Great Peruvian Incas. SHIT Someone help me out on this my e mail is ctw30 hotmail. Ok Man Well I did seeat 9 am when I arrived here off the bus near centro a group of 7 TV Streetwalkers so there must be normal streetwalkers here in Calama too Plus of course the Leggs with Schopps places. Yeh Beer Taverns with very scantily dressed hostess.

I do not know if strip clubs are here in Calama. Shit Man Looks like I will have to catch a truck to Salta. I hope the truck I catch is not full of Narcotics. Man Am I disullisioned here in Chile. The food too sucks here. Yes some Hot women here for sure the Mestiza types but Man Chile is so confusing. Ok Back to Calama What else can I say it is a city of apeople thick air because it is up in the mountains. Damn I will see what else I can find on Calama. I am damn hungry now What will I eat??????????? I wish someone from Chile would answer this????

Nothing but sandwiches and hotdogs. As Usual like 15 or more sex ads. One classified ad had a listing for a Lezbico show. I picked up the Iquique Estrella too and they had like 20 ads. One Had a Call in place yeh a place in Iquique were you can visit the girls in the Departmento. I have always found the few Prostitute strip type clubs in Arica at night with ugly girls but SHIT in the day time in Arica for Amatuer Action in centro Arica lot of hot volptous typical mestiza babes. Hey But still It is a lot harder for me to score on Chilean girls then Peruvian sweeties but I have heard the girls in Northern Chile are more friendlier then the Santiago area girls and too far south The Girls are probably too White.

Shit I was just in Arica for the day. I am not sure about the Casino but probably at the Casino just Amatuer Action. Hail Peru and Bolivia they should of won that damn war back in the s What info on the sex scene There??? Hopefully less snobby then in Santiago????????? Ok Man I think I will be in Valparaiso monday for only one night. I need info on the Valpo. Hey To Octaron or any one else like I said I should be in Valpo Monday any info on the sex scene would be appreciated. I would really like info on the massage places hopefully a good full service for less then 30 bucks. I would like a complete rundown on all the clubs Amatuer and Pro. All info on Where All the streetwalkers hang out.

Info on Cheap hotels? Info on What buses then go directly from Valpo. What newspapers do I Need to buy to find all the sex ads? Where are the best places in Valpo. Coffee Places with naked Waitresses???? Info also on the Sex Motels?????????? Where to Exchange money. Good places to eat food since Chile really lacks on Any Great Food. Ok Ok Someone help me on all this info. Oh and Vina del Mar verse Valpo. Man I am now getting kicked out of here. Any New clubs opened up??? I need info on the Casa Amarillo??????????? I checked out the port city of Valparaiso last night Walking around for a few hours with my buddy Juan. We walked like way down Puerto Montt St. All the girls were ugly at these clubs just like in Arica and Antofogasta.

A Friend of mie also said the girls are damn ugly in the nightclubs of Iquique two hours south of Arica. Well Anyways Valparaisos nightlife was pretty much of a dissapointment to me. I forgot the names of most of the clubs but one club Called Vips international had one girl That looked pretty voluptous but with a major attitude problem. The street it is on is Eleuterio Ramirez Call them We never saw any streetwalkers too. No Taxis only Taxi Collectivos. None of these guys knew about any of thse bars. I read about them in the old reports.

I think the idiots that posted on these bar hotels should of mentioned that they were in Vina Del Mar. That is What the Taxi Collectivos said they think these hotel bars are in Vina. Many Crys for Valpo I am nowat this internet place in centro Vinma Del Mar By The Massage parlor sauna where I must have had the best fuck in quite a long time. The Last time I had a much intensive fuck was two differnt times with two different Mexico City Streetwlkers that were in there late 30s. I will try Stud but I am almost out of here. Ok Man It is like almost 5.

Quillota in I to fuck want

I think the bus that is taking me and my buddy to Arica is Tur Bus. We shall arrive in Arica early thursday. I think I will blow off the idea of clubs in Arica. I need to get back to Lima Hopefully monday before the prices go Sky High cause of the Holidays coming up. Stud where are you from? Jackson will not let me post in my own section probably he is scared That I will make I want to fuck in quillota straight posts in the Nibu In Ba Section. Oh Well But Keep on posting there if you like but I would need to answer you in other sections not in my own section. Ok Man on to part 2 yeh it seems like Vina Del Mar and the suburbs north of Vina are full of massage places. My Bet would be probably 20 of them to visit in Vina.

Is really nothing too to the sleazy port city of Callao,Peru. Well this sexmachine Karla Fucked me Good for an hour fuck and massage for a total of 29 bucks well worth it. Man this Chilean girl loved Sex. Huge Whoppers,nice curly long black hair,nice big butt This chick was 20 years old. There were also like 12 other hot lokking babes there but Karla was the Huge knocker chick. She was born in Northern Chile. Girls from Northern Chile are known for being very kind. She is a SEX Freak. Her Cell phone number is The Phone number for this place is 71 They have another sister massage sauna in the suburbs of Vina at mayo in Quillota phone number 08 I think Qullota has a stop or just take a collectivo from Vina To this Place.

I need to go eat I will try to post later. Damn Vina I heard also has some sleazy clubs at night like the Playold Club I heard in centro probably 10 more saunas but you must call the phone numbers on page 21 in the classified sections of El Mercurio Heaven Came And Came today. I think I Did find the best paper for sex ads in Santiago. Then in section Hotels Y Motels to Fuck your special woman Like 30 different ads for hotels and motels. I think A lot of them are love motels.

Allbritton's brick sucker with Pinochet was but one night in a wonderful venereal stew. Big BG can you find out what this site is all about it is door:.

Then Section o had one ad for Agency Matrimonials Call them But I think more or less this place qiullota an escort fuvk. She is from Northern Chile she said she was born in the campo which means duck city. Wantt more or less I want to fuck in quillota village. Like I said her family still lives in Northern Chile and she lives solo in Vina Not quilloya far from where she works. You really can not miss this place wabt is on the north side of Valparaiso st. Dant also at the door way there is a big quillta advertising it and a dude giving out a red and white buisness card for this place. Yeh Valparaiso wat floor. When you reach the 2nd floor you must press the timber to get buzzed in.

Their phone number is Her massage too kicked ass. She never rushed the session. The hour service you pay is well qiullota the 29 bucks. She was first dressed in a sexy black top type shirt that was holding her large Gazongas from falling and a hot black mini skirt she was all dressed in Black her small high heeel type black shoes rules too and I was also dressed in my black pants,Black Leather cutoff vest and black concert shirt. I got to get going I am very busy now maybe in my next post I will mention more on the Great Karla experience. Man I am almost ready to dump my Prgo. Wow tripped out there were three of them on Ave. They were small as hell and the girls would dance on a very small stage in front of all the dudes.

They would dance to music on the jukebox. The girls were not totally that great but much better then the nightclubs with girls in Arica,Valparaiso and Antofagasta I saw. I still say the best bet is thse cheap massage sauna places in Santiago and Vina del mar. Santiago seems like it has lot of potential. I have also saw quite a few drive in Love Motels as the bus almost finished on the highway entering Santiago. Can you guys make an in depth report on thse massage saunas? Do they also exist in the suburbs like they do in the suburbs of Vina Del Mar? I actually saw a Video on the bus to Arica the other day a program on folkloric Criollo music in Valparaiso and the video was showing images of the city then I saw the Big Yellow sign for Hotel Bar Louisiana in Valparaiso.

Shit I asked like 3 Taxi Collectivos on this place and none knew. How do I Find out about where thse places are???? Still no info on Streetwalkers?????? Can I Also find cheap hotels for like 7 bucks in Vina? Any Streetwalkers in Vina? OH Just went on the website for Sauna Relax and it was not functioning. Like I made in my reports on this kick ass cheap full service massage place it rules.

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